Prep for Trip with Toddler and Baby


I am flying to Montana with Philomena and Zelie this week to visit my parents. I have traveled a lot by myself with Philomena. (She has been on over 30 airplanes so far and she is just 2!) This, however, will be my first solo trip with both girls. (Ethan has to stay home to work).

I started prepping early to make sure we would be ready.

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All of Philomena’s clothes, church shoes, and jacket are on the left; Zelie’s clothes are on the right.

I first heard about packing cubes in a random Youtube travel video last year and was intrigued by the idea, but wondered if they actually would make a difference. It seems counter-intuitive that by adding more bags to your suitcase that you get more room, but these things are seriously amazing. By things being held firmly together within the cube, your stuff takes up way less space. I got this set here on Amazon, and they are worth every penny. Our whole family can travel in one suitcase using these!


Each person gets a cube with their clothes inside of it. When we get to our destination I lay the cubes in the dresser drawers, unzipped with the top folded under, and we are instantly neatly unpacked.

I use the spare cubes for a Mass bag with our missals, chapel veils etc. if we will be gone over a Sunday, and a beach cube with our swimsuits, wet bag, sunscreen, hats etc. if we will be visiting Ethan’s parents on the coast. Having everything you need for particular outings together like this make those days much less stressful!

We use a backpack for our diaper bag on the plane. I have some fun snacks in it for our day of flying. It saves money and let’s us make much healthier choices than we will likely have in the airport.

Half of everything here except the bananas, of course, are packed in the suitcase ready for our return flights.

I use this old hard-back car insurance pocket to safely store their birth certificates in. I have never been asked for one once, despite flying so many times with Philomena, but when you buy the tickets it says to have them, so I don’t want to risk it!


I rarely buy anything new for the girls, but I wasn’t able to find a leash backpack used at the fall kiddie resales or thrift stores. I got this owl one off of Amazon and Philomena is so excited to carry her own things for the trip.

I am splitting up the different toys and books between the two flights there, and some she won’t see until the flights home.

I also got her these trianagular crayons to draw with because I can’t keep up with rolling things on an airplane!


Ethan works long days at school, and spends a couple hours every night studying for licensure exams, so I wanted to make sure he had meals taken care of. I have been freezing extra portions of some of our dinners the last few weeks for him, and made a bunch of breakfast burritos for his mornings. He just needs to make his sandwich and grab some fruit and his beloved potato chips I pre-portioned out, and his lunches are set.

He has salsibury steak, a red meat sauce lasagna, homemade chicken nuggets, some fancy sandwiches, corn chowder, broccoli and cheddar soup, and black bean soup to go along with carrots, peas, or broccoli for his dinners.

My plan is to let Philomena walk with her leash backpack, wear Zelie in the ring sling, and I’m going to take our little umbrella stroller to put the diaper bag in, or for Philomena to sit in if she needs a break from walking during our long layover.

Please say a prayer for me, this is going to be quite the adventure!

Anyone out there have tips for traveling with kids?


2 thoughts on “Prep for Trip with Toddler and Baby

  1. Our little one enjoyed a small white erase board. The markers for the white erase board are easily washed off the skin and the airplane table with the baby wipes. I would let her color her hands until there wasn’t any more skin. She loved that. She also enjoyed writing and then getting to erase the board with a tiny kleenex herself. Busy work!


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