Natural Finds on Vacation


Wanna know how to get lots of stares in an airport? Look like a kangaroo with a joey in your pouch, holding the leash to a brightly colored owl backpack worn by a super active toddler.


Now that we have that covered…

I took the opportunity to check out a few places of interest to a natural mama while I was in Montana visiting my parents this last week.

I always enjoy going to The Natural Baby Company, which happens to be in the same building as the headquarters for GroVia! (Our favorite cloth diapers I have talked about here and here). They have so many neat things for families. I could spend all of our money there, pretty much. (And lucky for Ethan the $135 Tula ring sling I tried on didn’t feel any more supportive than the Sakura Bloom sling I got used for $80 two years ago, so that’s out of my system now.)

So much Grovia clothy wonderfulness!

Zelie is already super drooly lately, so with teething on the horizon, it was time for an amber teething necklace there! (Some people think they don’t make a difference, and other moms swear by them. I always kept one on Philomena, and sometimes she would get a new tooth and I wouldn’t even realize she had gotten one; she never behaved differently teething for the most part! I attribute most of that to these necklaces…)


They had a really neat selection of reusable kitchen gear, too. I want to invest in some of those Stasher silicone food baggies for Ethan’s lunch box soon. I go through so many of the cheap plastic ones and hate the waste, expense, and well, using all that plastic. Has anyone out there used Stashers or another brand of reusable baggies before? I’d love to hear your review!


Not far from there is a cool little Kombucha on tap place.

A ton of neat flavors… and you can take growlers of Kombucha home? Yes, please!

The employees confirmed that the scobies grow as big as the huge containers they are fermenting in!

I just wanna climb up a ladder, and take a peek under the cover to see what that massive scoby looks like

We had the Strawberry Lemon Mint; Philomena couldn’t get enough of it.


I also dropped by the natural food store there for some things we needed….

Like more Kombucha! (Guava flavor this time)

This minimally pasteurized, non-homodgenized whole milk…


And some wild-caught tuna for Friday’s lunch…


I always love checking out what natural stores and restaurants are in a place we visit, and it was so neat to see what has popped up in my own hometown.

Also, Philomena is a cowgirl now.


….. and Zelie is too.



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