To Grandmother’s House We {Comfortably} Go


So this isn’t a Catholic or natural topic like I usually write about, but I am so excited about a recent find for our upcoming Christmas travels, that I wanted to share a little comparison and review with you. If you are flying or driving any considerable distance, this could be helpful!

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We have an hour and a half flight followed by a flight over FOUR hours long to my parents next week. The long flight will be starting at 7 at night, so we will be getting tired and it would be lovely to actually comfortably sleep for that length of time.

I ordered two different types of pillows to compare and test for our trip, and boy am I glad I did.



I thought I was going to love the BCozzy pillow. It’s like the classic travel pillow, but long enough that it gives overlap to really support your neck.

It also happens to be so soft it doesn’t do much supporting, and once you get it wrapped around your neck tight enough to prop it up, you get to experience the sensation of being strangled by a snake.


Next, however, I tried the odd looking but intreaguing Trtl Pillow and oh my, it is awesome!

This ingenious little support has these plastic pieces inside the super soft fabric that identically mimic how you prop your head up with your hands when trying to sleep upright.


The Trtl Pillow wraps as snug or loose as you want it, can support your head leaning forward, back, or to the side, and is actually really lightweight and compact for travel.

Ethan and I both liked it so much that we ordered a second one, as neither of us wanted to use the BCozzy Pillow.


If you are flying or driving any distance for Christmas (or any other time of year), I would highly recommend a Trtl Pillow to help make sleeping far more comfortable. You can find it here on Amazon.

I pray St. Christopher intercede for all Christmas travelers out there this year. Be safe and comfortable!


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