My Favorite Nursing Dresses, Shirts, and Bra


Despite nursing for the last 2.5 years, actual nursing clothing was something that I never really looked into for a long time. I came up with a system of lifting my tank top up to just above baby’s mouth, wearing a cardigan that covered my side, and pulling the waistband of my skirt up if need be for covering my stomach.

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This system seemed good enough to me, until I experienced the magic of a real nursing dress.

Nursing Dresses


For Easter this year, Ethan bought me this dress from Pink Blush Maternity. I wore a tank that I cut off to end just below my bust underneath, and I could nurse SO easily with this system. I own three of these gorgeous dresses now. I know there will be more in the future, especially since they work wonderfully for pregnancy AND after baby is born! Sometimes they have good sales on their website, and they’re also on Amazon.

You can find this dress here
Zelie Maternity
You can find this dress here

Nursing Shirts

You can find this shirt here

I started seeing lots of ads for Milk Nursingwear and Latched Mama on Facebook, and even though they were expensive, Ethan said he would like for me to start slowly investing in an everyday nursing wardrobe, as we hope and pray I’ll be nursing babies for a very long time.

I am the thrift store queen, so the idea of spending more than $5 for anything hurt, but a nursing friendly wardrobe has made such a difference in my days. I feel put together, I can discreetly latch Zelie on in public far easier, and who doesn’t love some new clothes?

You can find this shirt here

Latched Mama’s shirt just did NOT work for me. The photos showed them ending around the waist like most shirts do, but it actually was more of a tunic length shirt going many inches past my waist. It looked awful on me, especially with my skirts.

Milk Nursingwear is by far my preference. I still need to wear a cut off undershirt to be modest (When they’re actually being used for nursing the neckline goes down a bit and I would be way too exposed for comfort), but these shirts are so nice. Once again, you can purchase direct from Milk, or find these on Amazon.

You can find this shirt here
You can find this shirt here

Like I talked about in my nursing accessories post, I love nursing in a Sakura Bloom ring sling, and having a proper nursing shirt lets me latch Zelie on and off without having to mess with lifting a shirt or tank from under the sling.

Nursing Bras

When it came to nursing bras, I had languished for 2.5 years with the Lily bras from Motherhood Maternity and a Bravado bra that just fit poorly and weren’t comfortable all day.

At Christmas I stumbled into a children’s boutique at a mall in Montana while waiting for my mom to pick up some glasses at Lenscrafters, and I tried on the most comfortable and supportive bra by Cake Lingerie. (Find it here)

Their Croissant bra is *amazing*. Once again, it kills me to spend more than what I was at Motherhood, but for something I use constantly day in and day out, Ethan said he was fine making the investment.

The super wide band smoothes my back and provides amazing support, the cups don’t have lines in awkward places, they’re made with quality construction, and they actually come in a great variety of sizes! (Motherhood maternity doesn’t make a cup big enough for my comfortable waist size, so I was struggling).

I prefer the support of an underwire, and since they’ve never caused plugged ducts for me, I love this bra. If you prefer one without an underwire, they also make this one here, and this one for plus sizes.

This is my go-to nursing bra now, and I’ll check in again in a few months to let you know how it has held up.

How About You?

Do you have any favorite nursing clothes? I’d love to check out your recommendations!


You can find my favorite nursing accessories here



8 thoughts on “My Favorite Nursing Dresses, Shirts, and Bra

  1. I found the cutest ruffled camis on Amazon a few months back (ended up buying two) that aren’t crazy expensive either. The company is called Bearsland. My favorite parts are that the ruffles hide the mommy tummy and the straps are adjustable so you get as much coverage as you want! 10/10 would recommend!! I love putting them with a cardigan or button up.


    1. After reading your suggestion, I have been looking at the Bearsland ruffled camis…Do you find they provide high enough coverage on top, or do you have to wear something under them? I know they are adjustable, but from the pictures I couldn’t tell if they would be high enough.. They are SO pretty!! Thanks!


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