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It’s My Birthday {And It Is Always Sad}

+J.M.J.+ Today is my birthday; I'm 28 years old. And I won't lie, despite my husband's sweet gestures, and well wishes from my friends and family... today is always sad for me. I shared my birthday with the greatest grandpa to ever live. I wish I had some photos of our joint celebrations to share… Continue reading It’s My Birthday {And It Is Always Sad}

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Organizing Kid’s Clothes

+J.M.J.+ This past weekend I finally tackled a project I have been dreading and avoiding for months: organizing the girls' clothes. Before Philomena was born I sorted out all of her clothing loose into big totes, but I learned this didn't work well for us. As she changed sizes so quickly I was having multiple… Continue reading Organizing Kid’s Clothes

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How to {Quickly} Remove Ink from Furniture

+J.M.J.+ My toddler Philomena has brought today's post to you courtesy of a frenzied streak down the very visible back of our couch with a pen as I was coming across the room to take it from her. I knew just how to handle it... because this wasn't our first rodeo with a pen. It's… Continue reading How to {Quickly} Remove Ink from Furniture


Lookin’ Spiffy! {The Updated}

+J.M.J.+ Is it just me or are things looking a little nicer around here? For several weeks I have been working hard to completely update The Natural Catholic Mom website, and also collaborating with the lovely Katerina from Little Way Design Co and Limon Yellow Branding and Illustration on a beautiful new logo. I have been planning… Continue reading Lookin’ Spiffy! {The Updated}

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There’s A New Kid In Town: How I Prepared My Toddler For Baby

+J.M.J.+ Philomena was almost 17 months old on the wonderful day I found out that she was a big sister. I was excited to tell her, although at that age she didn't quite understand. As the months went on though, she knew exactly what was going on as we took the following steps to prepare her… Continue reading There’s A New Kid In Town: How I Prepared My Toddler For Baby

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This Embarrasses Me {But It Is Authentic}

+J.M.J.+ Want to see something I love? It's this. It's such a pretty memory - my handsome groom and I surrounded my friends, in a lovely hotel, enjoying a toast during our reception. I've always thought this photo is so classy and elegant. It was a beautiful reality! You want to see something the embarrasses… Continue reading This Embarrasses Me {But It Is Authentic}

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We Saved Our First Kiss

+J.M.J.+ One of the most memorable, spectacular, and beautiful moments of my life was sharing my first kiss with Ethan. I'll never forget it. It was on our wedding day. Not kissing until a couple is married is quite common amongst fundamentalist Christians. There is a whole genre of books aimed at Christian teens that… Continue reading We Saved Our First Kiss

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My Favorite Smoothie {Toddler Approved Real-Food Recipe}

+J.M.J.+ Most afternoons I workout, and Philomena can't wait for me to finish, because she knows it will be "moothie time!" This smoothie is our favorite afternoon pick-me-up, a great way to get in a bunch of greens without even realizing it, (seriously, you don't taste them!) and it has an amazing fruity flavor. I… Continue reading My Favorite Smoothie {Toddler Approved Real-Food Recipe}

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My Body Isn’t That Great and Neither is Yours

+J.M.J.+ It may be hard to believe this, but for years I lived off of frozen diet dinners, fat-free everything, disgusting loaves of 45 calorie bread, and I cringe at the thought of the calorie-free salad dressing I used to consume. I wanted to deny reality and believe I could eat sweets and drink soda… Continue reading My Body Isn’t That Great and Neither is Yours

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Dear First-Time Mom: It’s Okay To Plan

+J.M.J.+ Dear First-Time Mom: Whenever you have gone on a trip in the past I'm sure you researched your destination and thought ahead. Sure, not everything happened as you expected. Planes were delayed, a tourist attraction closed, a fun destination worth spending more time at bumped another item off your agenda... all kinds of things… Continue reading Dear First-Time Mom: It’s Okay To Plan