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“Exclusive” and “Ecological” Breastfeeding Are Not the Same

+J.M.J.+ Very often online in various mommy groups or forums you'll see someone comment on their period already having returned and how shocked they are since they exclusively breastfeed their baby. Inevitably a bunch of other moms will chime in that they too experienced a return of their cycle or even conception of another baby… Continue reading “Exclusive” and “Ecological” Breastfeeding Are Not the Same

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“Made For This: The Catholic Mother’s Guide to Birth” {Book Review}

+J.M.J.+ I've read more books on birth than any other topic other than Catholicism, probably having gone through at least twenty volumes on it so far, not including countless of birth stories I've read online. Truly, there is something about the miracle of pregnancy and birth that never gets old for me. When I saw… Continue reading “Made For This: The Catholic Mother’s Guide to Birth” {Book Review}

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Bulletproof “Coffee” Milk Drink {Toddler Approved}

+J.M.J.+ I am a huge fan of bulletproof coffee ever since we spent our week eating only from the new Wellness Mama cookbook! The coffee blended with coconut oil and grass-fed butter is so smooth, loaded with healthy fats and just plain delicious. This process of blending the fats with the coffee also allows for… Continue reading Bulletproof “Coffee” Milk Drink {Toddler Approved}

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I Am So Impatient

+J.M.J.+ I remember Fr. Chad Ripperger once saying that if you don't know what your primary fault is, just pray to know and God will quickly show you. He is right, and I have experienced this myself! Another method to discover this is to have children. They seem to bring things out of you that… Continue reading I Am So Impatient

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New Parents: Research What Matters

+J.M.J.+ This week my mother-in-law sent me a tragic news story about a baby suffocating inside a baby carrier. When she messaged me the link she commented that this must not be the same type of stretchy wrap I use, but it was the same thing, just a different brand. I am not scared my… Continue reading New Parents: Research What Matters

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How I Started My Blog {Tips to Begin and What Works for Me}

+J.M.J.+ I am a very teensy tiny blogger in a massive pool of incredibly talented and articulate writers, so there is no way I can title this, "How to Start a Blog," because to be honest, I'm not the best at this, nor entirely sure of what I'm doing still! BUT some awesome gals in a… Continue reading How I Started My Blog {Tips to Begin and What Works for Me}


Here Is What You Missed During Lent

+J.M.J.+ Happy and blessed Easter to you! Alleluia, He is Risen! If you were offline during Lent, you've missed lots of great things here on the blog. So the following is a quick roundup of posts that may interest you.   To start things off, notice things looking better around here? Right after Lent began… Continue reading Here Is What You Missed During Lent