Here Is What You Missed During Lent


Happy and blessed Easter to you! Alleluia, He is Risen!

My dress is from Pink Blush Maternity. You can read about these dresses here.

If you were offline during Lent, you’ve missed lots of great things here on the blog. So the following is a quick roundup of posts that may interest you.



To start things off, notice things looking better around here? Right after Lent began I unveiled my new logo and website with a great section of resources! Read all about those changes by clicking here – {Lookin’ Spiffy! The New Natural Catholic Mom}

When I shared a simple, one page mental prayer guide by the priest who married us, it quickly became one of my most viewed posts ever. You will definitely benefit from this! – {The Best and Easiest Way to Pray}


I’ve started brewing kombucha again and shared a start to finish how-to here – {Kombucha: Grow Your Own Scoby and Brew at Home}

I also started a new series of natural birth stories! So far I have one hospital birth and three home births up there. You can read these below:

Birth Story #1 – Hilary
Birth Story #2 – Geneva
Birth Story #3 – Nicole
Birth Story #4 – Mary


I talked about feeling embarrassed about our broken van and being authentic online here – {This Embarrasses Me – But It Is Authentic}

In {There’s a New Kid In Town – How I Prepared My Toddler For Baby} I went through the steps I took to help Philomena transition to being a big sister.


Philomena’s love of drawing on furniture when she gets a pen led to my post on a quick trick to quickly remove ink from fabric – {How to {Quickly} Remove Ink from Furniture}

Next I tackled a huge project we have been needing to handle – {Organizing Kid’s Clothes}

I used to share a birthday with my grandfather who has since passed, and I shared some reflections on a particularly hard year for me – {It’s My Birthday {And It Is Always Sad}

“Who Am I To Judge?” by Edward Sri gave me some great food for thought on not worrying about numbers and focusing on the value of each person individually in {It’s Not About The Numbers}


{One Week Eating Only From Wellness Mama} was a fun (and tasty!) experiment using a new cookbook my in-laws sent me for my birthday!

Sugar makes me feel so anxious the less and less I eat it, so {I’m Not Buying Easter Candy – When Treats Become Punishment} went into me refusing to buy a candy that really isn’t a true treat to celebrate with.

I have been struggling with feeling short changed and am working on the reality that – {I’m Not Owed Things Being Perfect}


Finally, before the joy of Easter, I shared an amazing explanation I learned from a wonderful priest as to what it meant on the Cross when Jesus cried out “My God My God, why have You forsaken Me? – {Did Jesus Feel His Father Abandoned Him?}


2 thoughts on “Here Is What You Missed During Lent

  1. Stopping by from the CWBN thread. Your Easter dresses are so cute! And I love your point about not buying Easter candy. I enjoyed the cake I made SO much more than the candy I have, which just makes me feel gross.


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