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My Husband Saw I Needed Help

+J.M.J.+ A great quote by a priest I used to know was, "A good husband gives his wife what is good for her, not just what she thinks will make her happy." Ethan is one of those good husbands who recently insisted on something he knew would be best for me, even though I didn't… Continue reading My Husband Saw I Needed Help

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I Got Rid Of Most Of Our Toys {And What I Set Up Instead}

+J.M.J.+ Want to know what my kids play with? Not the millions of toys around here. That's a bit of an exaggeration, but seriously, my daughters spend about 99% of their time reading books and playing with random things from around the house. Recently Philomena spent an entire week in this pantry organizer and was… Continue reading I Got Rid Of Most Of Our Toys {And What I Set Up Instead}

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Composting Without A Garden

+J.M.J.+ Composting food scraps is a wonderful way to reduce waste, and help create nutrient rich soil for gardening. Food waste like your random scraps, peels, items gone bad etc. won't properly rot and do any good in a landfill because there isn't enough oxygen for them to decompose. When they end up in the… Continue reading Composting Without A Garden

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I Spend A Lot On Groceries

+J.M.J.+ Lately I have had several people ask me to write about ways to save money on groceries or more on budgeting for food. This is something I want to do, because there are some legitimate ways to save money on healthy food that works for my family, but it did get me thinking about… Continue reading I Spend A Lot On Groceries