Weight Loss Update


I realized last week that it’s been a long time since I did my last weight loss update, so here is what’s been going on.

After a great initial month in January I hit a slump for a couple months. I just wasn’t losing weight and was sooooo tired. I went so far as taking a pregnancy test to see if I was missing something, (or someone rather!), and after I got a negative it dawned on me that I might be anemic. I went ahead and tried some food based liquid iron and that almost instantly helped with my energy. I was quickly able to get active again and started to lose more weight.

I’ve noticed when I don’t take the iron for a while I start to get sluggish again, so I am trying to be faithful about it, and getting in foods high in iron as well.

Some of this week’s produce! I always feel better eating lots of fruits and veggies

15 Down

After four months being back on track with only having treats on Sundays or special occasions, working out when I can, hitting 12K steps on average with my Fitbit, and eating lots of good, nourishing, delicious whole foods, I’ve lost 15 pounds! My BMI is now in the normal, healthy range, and I’m feeling much better.

To some 15 pounds in 4 months may seem like a snail’s pace, but I’m happy with it. Losing weight without crazy crash dieting like I used to do, eating healthy, nourishing, delicious foods, and keeping up with my family is just fine by me!

Have a Fitbit? Come step with me! My email is thenaturalcatholicmom(at)gmail.com

I am also really excited to have just purchased the MuTu System. It is an online program dedicated to helping heal what the British founder calls, “Mummy Tummy.” Diastasis Recti is the separating of ab muscles after having children. I actually do not have much separation at all, but those muscles are weak after having two kids, and it does cause some belly bulge that just won’t go away.

MuTu requires a super balanced, nutrient-dense real food diet which is what I’m already eating, so almost no changes are necessary there for me. But the program also involves specific exercises to improve posture and help those ab muscles come back together and get strong.

In addition to those core muscles, it also helps heal the pelvic floor and I definitely do have healing needs down there. You know, needing to cross legs while standing and sneezing is common but NOT normal.

I am so far incredibly impressed with it. I’ll let you know what I think when I’m finished.

Zelie conked out on me on Easter! I felt amazing in my new Pink Blush dress here.

I would love to lose another ten pounds right now, but am overall very pleased with my progress. Getting off the sugar train feels amazing and with the warm weather I’ll be enjoying lots of outside time which always helps with being active!

Are you working towards any health goals? I’d love to hear about them!

4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Update

  1. I love mutu. I did only first 9 weeks before pregnancy exhaustion set in but still saw impressive results making for easier pregnancy #4. Best of luck with it. FYI, I bought cheap water shoes on Amazon as my barefoot shoes and they worked great and really improved my gait and posture. I’ll be starting up again soon after some pp recovery . . .


  2. I have been working out with a trainer. I am down 15 lbs and a pants size, which is nice. 🙂 I also just had some blood work done and found out I’m anemic. Would you mind sharing the iron supplement you tried? Thanks for sharing your progress. It’s encouraging. 🙂


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