Something Exciting On The Side!


I want to start this off by saying that I want you to know what I am about to tell you is NOT the end of The Natural Catholic Mom as you know it, so stay with me!

See, I signed up this month to be a Norwex consultant. I have been using these products in my home the last couple months and truly do love and endorse them. Something that can clean 99.9% of bacteria using only water, reduces waste, and contains no toxic chemicals is worth my time. (And my skeptic husband even is a believer!)

But please know I am not about to be the at-home-sales-consultant that literally only ever talks about what they sell. (Certainly not everyone who sells products from home is that way, but we all know that person, too!)

My blog and social media feed are NOT about to become 99% Norwex and why you should buy it posts.

I only have so many hours in a day, and between my husband, my daughters, my home, and this blog, something would have to give in order for me to be this amazing salesperson for Norwex. So I’m not going to be pushing this hard because I’m simply not at a point in my life where I can handle much more than I have! I like my blog as it is and don’t want to just use it for selling something.

But, by becoming a consultant I get a generous discount on anything I order for myself, and by selling through my website and hosting online parties on Facebook for anyone interested, I can spread this amazing line of products that safely clean my home.

So, consider this my only mention of Norwex for a while, but if you are curious about what these are and why as a natural mama I’m passionate about them, read on!

Cleaning With Only Water?

The “schtick” of Norwex is that you can clean with just water, and that sounds crazy, but it works. Unlike cheap dollar store microfiber, Norwex cloths are made of super teensy-tiny microfibers that are able to pick up bacteria, not just spread it around, and they contain silver which is a natural anti-bacterial agent, so when the cloth dries it self cleans.

You can literally use one of their Envirocloths and water to safely clean up RAW CHICKEN JUICE.

The cloths are amazing at scrubbing gunk off of our walls I never thought possible, wiping down the table without streaking, and cleaning up every kitchen mess imaginable. Just rinse and let it dry, and it’s disinfected and ready to go again!

The window cloth is perfect for windows, mirrors, and stainless steel, and their dusting mitt takes care of actually picking up dust, not just brushing it on to the floor.

You can clean most of your home with just these three items – The Envirocloth, Window Cloth, and the Dust Mitt

I also am pretty crazy about their mop. It doesn’t require a bucket, just wetting its special washable pad and wiping. The handle adjusts short enough for my toddler to push it, and tall enough for my husband! It’s a game changer not needing to lug a heavy bucket around – I mop daily now! We also have the dusting wand and they cleverly designed it so it can attach to the mop handle and we effortlessly cleaned off our dusty ceiling fans without standing on the step stool or chairs.


Their products are an initial investment but save in the long run not needing to by cleaners, and by hosting a party you can earn tons of product free (I got well over $150 in free product when I hosted my online party.)

So, feel free to browse my website here, and let me know if you’d ever like to host an online party on Facebook. Those come with fun, free giveaways for your guests, tons of potential hostess rewards for you (see this month’s here – May Hostess Rewards), and no one needing to leave their home (or pajamas!)!_cms-media_media-manager_norwex-images_18111_may18_hs_update_us_final_lr.jpg

Finally, for more on how Norwex actually works, check this video out.

Okay, there is my sales pitch, and the blog will get back to it’s regularly scheduled musing next week!

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