Advice For Single Catholics

+J.M.J+ As I look back on Ethan and I's relationship as I often do this time of year near our anniversary, it has struck my heart that I would like to share some advice to single people looking for their future spouse. Always Be Discerning First of all, make sure you have discerned your vocation. [...]


Health and Holiness in the Domestic Church

Health and Holiness in the Domestic Church

I’m really excited and honored to be interviewed today over on the No Greater Love Blog. Check it out and read all of the interviews of the other Catholic women Maddy is getting to know.

No Greater Love Blog

Happy Tuesday, friends!!!

I hope you all are having a beautiful day!!  I’m so excited to share today’s story from a very sweet lady!  Mariette is such a beautiful soul and so on fire for the Lord.  With this passion, she has made it her goal to make healthy living more accessible and easy to get around.  She is so knowledgable and wise in all of her little words of advice and I have learned so much from this little interview!!  So enjoy!!

And make sure to give her some love at her blog, The Natural Catholic Mom, and on Insta, @thenaturalcatholicmom.


+ For those who aren’t familiar with you , please introduce yourself.

Hello! I’m Mariette, a Catholic, wife to Ethan, and mother of little Philomena and Zelie. My husband is a school teacher, I’m a stay-at-home-mom, and we live in Northeast Ohio. I chronicle my journey…

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I Missed My Chance

I Missed My Chance

+J.M.J.+ A few weeks ago my husband's small private school held their high school graduation at a fancy event center. I was all dressed up, Philomena was home with our babysitter, and Zelie who was with us was all ready to nurse down in the carrier for her evening nap when we arrived. Everything was [...]

Where I’ve Been {Blogging Burnout}

+J.M.J.+ Hello there friends! I have been quiet on here, and if you follow my almost daily life snapshots on Instagram then you know once we got home from my sister's wedding in Montana we had just three days before packing up again and flying to Georgia for a visit with my in-laws. (How pretty is [...]

Weaned at 3 – A Look at Our Nursing Journey

+J.M.J.+ Philomena turned 3 this past week, and just a few days before that, she weaned. It's been sad knowing she is done, and like I figured would happen when I was musing about nursing my toddler in a wean by one world here, I can't remember our last nursing session, because I didn't know [...]

Future Plans + A Wedding

Future Plans + A Wedding

+J.M.J.+ It's been quiet around here lately because we are traveling in Montana and I needed to take a break. May was the busiest month of our life thus far and getting posts written ahead didn't happen. It's been good for my humility to remember the sun certainly doesn't rise and set on my writing, [...]