Future Plans + A Wedding


It’s been quiet around here lately because we are traveling in Montana and I needed to take a break. May was the busiest month of our life thus far and getting posts written ahead didn’t happen. It’s been good for my humility to remember the sun certainly doesn’t rise and set on my writing, and I feel renewed having a breather.

I Do

Philomena as flower girl with my big sister, Dawnette

My big sister got married this weekend to a friend of ours that we introduced her to two years ago today at Philomena’s 1st birthday party. It was a gorgeous day, a beautiful wedding, and we have gained an amazing brother-in-law.

What I Missed

This visit has been eye-opening for me. I grew up here in gorgeous Montana, but took it’s beauty for granted as a child. Then I up and moved at 18 to the North Idaho panhandle which is even prettier in my opinion.

To me wide open spaces complete with stunning lake and mountain views were just part of life, and I had become complacent in my awe of them.

A half hour drive from my childhood home

Spending the last five years in Cleveland has helped me see home with new eyes right now. I am reminded me of how much I really truly miss not living in the city, even though it of course does have some nice conveniences and experiences to offer.

Ethan has only visited my family at Christmas when its really cold and snowy, so his excitement about moving out West eventually has not been as fervent as mine. But this week of mountains and green rolling hills, of wide open spaces, blue skies, and no crazy traffic to be seen has lit a fire in him too. (Oh, and no humidity has been a nice change in the heat, too!)

Ethan and Zelie after our walk up to the falls

Of course God’s plans may be different than our own hopes, but we are still so praying that He will lead us back out to the Pacific Northwest to raise our family with the support of mine, with a strong parish community, and with so much space and beauty to enjoy. This visit has been really special, and I’m excited to see where God takes us.


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