Where I’ve Been {Blogging Burnout}


Hello there friends! I have been quiet on here, and if you follow my almost daily life snapshots on Instagram then you know once we got home from my sister’s wedding in Montana we had just three days before packing up again and flying to Georgia for a visit with my in-laws. (How pretty is the coast in Savannah?!)

Our playground for the week!

Let me tell you, I have had a real case of blogging burnout. Usually writing comes incredibly easy to me – cranking out two and three posts a week was overall doable and fun.

Then May hit and Ethan was working like crazy, we were prepping for these trips, and I caught some writers block. Writing on the go is possible but when you are already struggling to find words AND you’re living out of a suitcase in guest bedrooms and AirBNB’s with two little kids… it is not likely to produce fantastic content. The break was frustrating to me but the scribbling juices are flowing again and I’m excited to get back in the saddle.

SO! Thanks for being patient with me. I have some exciting stuff coming up including a giveaway from Mediatrix Press, a guest post on Catholic Motherhood over with Ginny at Not So Formulaic, a post on my discovery and subsequent love of the Traditional Latin Mass, and info on the Whole30 food challenge my family is taking on in a few weeks.

Thanks for sticking with me through a lull, folks, and enjoy the great content to come!

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