The House Is Organized + How I Am Maintaining It


I used to be obsessed with decluttering and organization Youtube videos, and a couple years ago had our house down to a really manageable level of organization – everything we owned had a home. Cliche as it sounds, a place for everything and everything in its place is actually a big part of keeping things clean, and it worked for me for months…

But then I got pregnant with Zelie and morning sickness hit while chasing the most energetic toddler in history and things got behind. We then were so hoping for a big move this year and so I didn’t worry too much about organization, thinking we would just be packing up anyway… but finally our immediate future is known and we are staying here for a while longer.

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Time To Organize

A very sad “before”

We spent essentially a whole week focused on gutting the house. We had already gone through our toys a couple months ago (read about our awesome toy set up we love here.), but there was so much left. Closets and cupboards, the hutch and the desk, dressers and drawers…

And a much happier “after”!

We just started going through the house, room by room, tossing stuff in the trash, recycling, or donation bins. We were brutal with ourselves, really being objective on whether we truly needed something or just liked the idea of one day using it…

Bag after bag left our home, and what was left slowly found their proper homes for the future.

What is left behind is so much more manageable!

This desk really just needed baby proof latches. Before the girls kept getting into the drawers so everything would get put up high in the hutch. I used these latches found on Amazon. I don’t love how they look but keeping the girls out means it’s actually functional for our needs.

Keep It Up

I knew, though, that like anything, if I don’t maintain it then it will immediately go right back to being a mess, so I made a proactive decision and spent $3.50 on this great printable home organization bundle from Kathryn at the Do It On A Dime Blog/Youtube channel. I love her tips and motivational home videos. (You can find her on my homemaking resources page as well.)


I got a clipboard at Dollar Tree, printed out the bundle, and am keeping up with her daily chore recommendations, checking things off as I go. (You can put the pages in sheet protectors and just use dry erase markers for it too).


We are one week in and the house is just as nice as it was when we finished the project. But the best part is I actually spent way less time cleaning this week. Before I just felt like I was always drowning in housework and not doing anything effectively. I would feel guilty if I was doing anything else, and it was constantly stressing me out.


But this week I would just devote a few chunks throughout the day to maintaining and I got to enjoy the joy of waking up to a clean house every day. The girls and I had way more fun this week in a much cleaner space, and we actually played a lot more too.


I know that life will throw curveballs. I know Zelie will one day be just as messy as Philomena. I pray we’re blessed with another baby who I am sure will make me super sick for three months and I’ll get behind again. But I feel better now establishing good routines that are working well for us for now.


Do you have any sort of cleaning routine? I’d love to know your best tips for the house.


6 thoughts on “The House Is Organized + How I Am Maintaining It

  1. I like having a cleaning routine that we do each week. It’s usually one task per day. It fits with our schedule very well, and I know when things in life change I can always adapt it. I’ve been very inspired by Kendra Hennessy’s podcast. I’m not a mother yet, but she has lots of good suggestions for keeping your home clean and organized while being a busy mama.


  2. I really enjoyed reading this post! I just watched a few of Do it On a Dime videos and they are good. But I think your home is cozier 😉


  3. I am laughing because you’re “before” looks better than my “after”. 😂😂 Organization is definitely not my forté. I have some work to do…


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