One Year Anniversary! {Plus My Top 10}


Today marks one year of blogging, and I’m quite shocked this anniversary is already here.

This little venture is literally the result of a lady in a group I admin on Facebook asking if I had a blog. Ethan had mentioned before that he thought I should try writing one, and so I ran with it, putting out my first little post one year ago today. In my typical sanguine way I jumped in, hoping to connect with a few other readers eventually, and to have a little outlet as a SAHM.


I’m a teensy blogger, but I still have an actual dedicated readership and consistent followers on Facebook and Instagram. Most importantly though, I’ve discovered other great women to follow and read who inspire me, and make me feel connected, which is really helpful as a stay-at-home-mom with two little children and no nearby family.

The conversations I have give me hope, and sometimes I know I give hope to others, and that makes it worth it.

I want to just share some things I’ve learned along the way.

People Are Awesome

Seriously, I’ve made some amazing connections through this blog with really awesome people. This had lead to me learning all kinds of things – from other parenting styles, how others keep home, school their kids, feed their families, stay healthy and fit, and live out their Faith every day. It’s been a beautiful education for me.

Sometimes People Are Not So Awesome

Sharing online opens yourself up for criticism and oh my some people are harsh. Thankfully these negative experiences are not the norm, and very often people are tactful when they disagree. However there are still those who shock me with their forceful boldness in voicing their disapproval of you over big and little things. Some people have been sure to go out of their way in order to let me know where they think I’m lacking and all of the ways I’m wrong. This education hasn’t been nearly as fun to experience, but it has taught me humility, forgiveness, and letting go.

Writing Forces Reason

In many ways writing publicly forces you to reason more and think harder. Sharing a nice recipe or fun memories don’t fall under this… but sharing on sensitive topics like parenting, or pretty much why you make any choice will always result in pushback from those who don’t agree or who do things differently.

I am forced to think critically and really carefully evaluate things which is good for me!

I Am Not Alone

Motherhood can be isolating at times. We are experiencing a patch of “alone-ness” in many ways as a family, and having a connection with others who walk similar paths is beyond comforting. I feel such closeness when I see other women who are tired, trying to get the house caught up, rejoicing over napping kids, thrilled over a date night out, finding beauty in their every day, and celebrating victories in health and natural living.

These connections have brought me so much peace and joy.

Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

No, seriously. It’s hard when “numbers” are so public and big. It’s easy to see others with huge readerships and social media followings and feel like you’re a nobody who is wasting their time. I have learned to stop comparing over time though, because it’s been made so clear to me in the last few months that God uses you to reach just who He knows needs it, and that’s what matters.

At times when I feel discouraged I’ll randomly get a message on Instagram or Facebook about how X just happened and that they remembered when I wrote about something similar and it gave them the strength to keep going, or to start up a new habit I encouraged. I am always so glad I keep going in these moments, even if I’ll always be a small voice.

You Liked These

So some of what I wrote this last year made a splash. The following are my top ten most viewed posts in order!

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Thank You

Finally, I want to truly thank you for reading. No, seriously, I thank you! Whenever you read my posts, share one, hit the like button, or send me a message, I’m always so grateful. Thanks for reaching out, asking questions, following along, and being there. It’s been an awesome year because of you.

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