Our Favorite Advent Resources


Advent is going to be here in no time, and this year I’m proud to say I’m actually on top of preparations for once. And remember, there’s still time for you to put together things if you want to do any of these traditions to help prepare your family’s hearts for Jesus’s birth!

Also, come back next week and I’m going to answer all of your questions from Instagram about our practices like when we decorate and if we “do” Santa!

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Advent Candles

First of all, of course, are the candles for our wreath. I use 100% beeswax, because cheap candles that are soy or petroleum based release toxins as they burn. (Learn more about that issue here!)

The best deal I found on 100% beeswax advent candles are these from Charlies Naturals on Etsy.

advent candles.jpg

I grab a real wreath from Trader Joes for $6ish dollars and have some dollar store glass candle holders I tuck inside. We’ll burn our Advent candles every night during dinner.

We like to pray our Saint Andrew Christmas novena with our lit wreath each night. Find out more about that devotion here.

Advent Calendar

Next I’m so excited to use this Story of Christmas Story Book Set and Advent Calendar, found here on Amazon.


Each little hardback book has a part of the Christmas story that you read each day. Then you hang them as ornaments on the tree!


I love this for so many reasons:

1. My girls will be learning, counting down by reading all about the first Christmas.
2. I love that it’s not a candy related calendar. Everything seems to have a cheap soy and refined sugar filled treat behind it these days which are really not good for us, especially my allergy girl.
3. Eating chocolate every single day of a season of preparation just doesn’t seem in line with our goals for liturgical living, when we are aiming for celebrations and treats during Christmas, not Advent.
4. Finally, the story books pop back into the sleek original book holder and can be reused every year – healthy and affordable!

The Jesse Tree

This tradition is reading through a scripture every day, tracing Jesus’s roots through the line of Jesse. We are using this adorable sticker set sent me to review from My Catholic Kids, a wonderful resource for your children!


The little Biblical people stickers are beyond adorable and they’ll go right on the slick tree sheet she includes!

Each day we will read the one page story in the booklet following all of the people that lead up to Christ when He is born on Christmas day! At the end of each page the corresponding Scripture is listed if we want to read further.


You can find this set from My Catholic Kids by clicking here, and know they have some launch deals you won’t want to miss this week!

Advent Books

Next up we will be using this sweet little book: Donkey Bells: Advent and Christmas

This lovely book has stories about Christmas and Advent, a Christmas tree blessing, prayers, and lovely traditions surrounding these seasons from around the world. We love following along with it!

For my personal edification, everyday I use Abbot Gueranger’s Advent book found here. This masterpiece includes the Mass readings for each day according to the old calendar, hymns, portions of the Divine Office, sermons, mediations, and information on the day’s saint or feast. It is a gorgeous way to immerse myself in the season and really prepare my heart for Christ’s coming birth!


This book is part of a massive work that covers the entire year. You can find the whole set here. My mother generously gifted it to me for Christmas as a young adult and I am blessed to have access to this resource year round!

For the girls, we are working on slowly building up an Advent book basket using the recommended book lists from Jessica at Shower of Roses found here.

We already own The Miracle of Saint Nicholas. It’s a really lovely story we’ll enjoy on his feast, December 6th.

This year we will be purchasing this pretty pop-up book about Our Lady of Guadalupe that we will especially enjoy on her feast, December 12th, as well as “Shoemaker Martin”.

So there are our favorite Advent resources. What are yours? Tell me in the comments!

Our Favorite Advent Resources.png


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