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Let’s talk makeup! If you want to see videos of me talking about all of this, you can head on over to my Instagram later this morning – it’ll be a saved story on my front page!

Our skin is our largest organ, and what we put on our bodies, we are really putting in our bodies. If you’re wearing cheap makeup full of endocrine-interrupting chemicals… you’re putting those nasty ingredients inside of you, too!

There is a handy way to look up the toxicity rating of your personal bodycare products – The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. Most of my makeup has their best rating, and a couple items (the Pacifica eyeliner and mascara) are medium ratings.

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Not surprisingly… cleaner makeup will be costlier than dollar store or drug store cheap stuff, so if you want a non-toxic routine, you may have some serious sticker shock at first. But wait! I’ll have some tips here at the end for you to make this more affordable!

My Makeup

I wear a combination of makeup from Mineral Fusion, Pacifica, and BeautyCounter.

This is everything!


I use this Mineral Fusion powder foundation found here on Amazon all over my face with a basic powder brush I have had for years.


It gives decent, basic coverage, doesn’t look dusty, and gives me an even skin tone all over.


I always use lip balm first. Right now I just have a tube of organic orange tangerine balm from Whole Foods. I love trying new lip balms from local makers at farmers markets! Here is a good looking organic set on Amazon, but you can find similar products at any health food store!

I don’t like lipstick at all, but on top of the lip balm I have this lovely sheer moisture lip tint from Mineral Fusions, found here. It looks like lipstick, but it truly goes on just how it’s name says – as a sheer lip tint!


I also have this lovely pink lip gloss from my online friend Stephanie Weinert who sells BeautyCounter. I usually hate lip gloss because it’s all sticky and tacky, but this is the smoothest gloss I’ve ever tried and it wears super comfortably!


My cheeks are simple, I just quickly apply some Mineral Fusion blush in the “Airy” shade to the apples of my cheeks. This adds some nice color without being painted looking.


You can find this powder blush here.


I use three products on my eyes – first I go along my lash line with this brown eyeliner pencil from Pacifica, found here.


Next, I use this “sultry” eye shadow palate from Mineral Fusion. I use the cream color on the outer eye and the corner of my eye. The whole eyelid then gets the lighter brown, and I add a touch of the darker brown on the outer crease of the eye. They also have this gold palate called “stunning” that I think I’ll get next time I run out!

I finish off by using the Stellar Gaze mascara from Pacifica on my eyelashes.

This routine takes me less than 5 minutes, and here is my before and after:



I know I’m no expert make applicator, but I feel like this suits me well, and it’s manageable as a busy mom.

Making This More Affordable

I get it – this stuff is more expensive. Here are a few things you can do to make this more affordable:

  • Buy on sale – Whole Foods carries the Pacifica and Mineral Fusion makeup shown here. They put all of their makeup collections on sale once or twice a year for 20 – 25% off. I always buy my makeup for the year during this sale using a birthday gift of money I receive. The BeautyCounter line has frequent sales. Check out what health food stores are near you, find what clean makeup they carry, and ask what month they go on sale.
  • Use a light hand – doing the face you see here almost every day makes this makeup last at least a year. I’ve sometimes eeeked out more like 1.75 years from the eye shadow and blush. I have a pretty light hand with this stuff, but it helps it last.
  • Use less types of product – There are lots of things I could add to this beauty routine. Fancy makeup remover (I use coconut oil on my eyes after my shower), concealer, primer, bronzer, setting powder… you get the idea. While all of those products would probably give me a super gorgeous polished look, I simply can’t afford them if they’re going to be non-toxic versions. Keeping it simple like this makes high quality makeup possible for me.
  • Make a slight compromise – The Pacifica products are quite a bit less expensive than the Beautycounter or Mineral Fusion products, but they’re higher on the toxicity rating. I compromise with them for a couple things, especially the mascara which really isn’t being absorbed into the body as it goes on lashes, not skin. I make sure to use the safest rating for the things going on my lips or slathered all over the face!
  • Wear less or less often – If affording this makeup meant wearing it less often, I would do that. Maybe you just do lip gloss, blush, and mascara most days to stretch the foundation, eye liner pencil, and eye shadow.  Saving the full routine with clean makeup for select days like church, date nights, etc. instead of every day is worth it over daily use of super toxic stuff all over your face that’s more affordable. Remember: we get what we pay for, and what we put on our bodies we absorb into them!

Do you have some less/non-toxic beauty items you love? Tell me about them!

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12 thoughts on “Non-Toxic Makeup Routine

  1. I love Mineral Fusion and have used it for years! They have a really nice (albeit a little expensive) facial sunscreen that I wear every day, rain or shine.
    I’ve also started using Burt’s Bees mascara — it’s only around $9 and works really well! I’ve not looked into how much of a “natural” rating it would get, but perhaps you may like it, too!


  2. I was looking up a product – even though I couldn’t find it, I saw that the brand had other products that had high ratings. I’m wondering if I should avoid that brand altogether…?


    1. So there are no guarantees, but generally most products from the same brand will generally have similar toxicity levels.

      If you want to do a little more sleuthing, this is a great article listing exactly what toxic products to avoid in makeup and why.

      You can find the ingredient list for your product you can’t find in the database and see if it contains these. ❤


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