St. Valentine’s Day Resources


The Feast of St. Valentine is this week so I am doing a quick round up of resources for you! I want to quickly throw out a reminder that fun liturgical living type activities should ultimately be making us holier by increasing our devotion. If they’re actually making us miserable or feeling dread with coming feasts then we need to reevaluate how our particular family can best celebrate them!

Now – on to some fun resources for you!

To start, has this great page found here with a 3 minute video about St. Valentine, and a written account of his life so your family can watch or read more about who we are celebrating!

Photo from

Jessica at Shower of Roses has a great post found here with lovely printables, crafts, and treat ideas for the feast!

Photo from Jessica of Shower of Roses


Something else that I wanted to share with you is how I naturally dye our cookie frosting for the day! Artificial red dye is usually derived from petroleum and is incredibly toxic.

Find the quick, easy directions in my post here!


Next up is a great prayer card and an actual valentine you can print and give featuring our holy saint from Michelle Solomon! She has this available for a free download here on her website, Michelle Solomon Art.

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 8.25.56 AM
Photo courtesy of Michelle Solomon


Next is a great St. Valentine printable and craft from Lacy at Catholic Icing. You can view and download it on her website here! This is what I’m planning to use for us this year!

Photo from Lacy at Catholic Icing

Finally Catholic Playground has some fun resources! For free is this great St. Valentine coloring page seen below. Download it and print it here!

Photo from Catholic Playground

And for $1.99 on their site you can buy these gorgeous printable valentines featuring different saints and quotes! Click here to buy and print!


Photo from Catholic Playground

I hope this quick round up of Valentine’s Day resources inspire you and help your family. God bless you and happy Feast of St. Valentine to you and your loved ones!

Copy of Wedding Decor Ideas (2).png

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