Side Jobs For Stay At Home Moms


I am very blessed to have a hard working husband to provide for our family’s needs. I am also grateful to have some side sources of income that don’t take me away from my kids as we plough through Dave Ramsay’s financial baby steps. (If you don’t know what they are you should really check out one of his books like The Total Money Makeover found here on Amazon. You can read how we paid off $23K in student loan debt here.)

These side jobs are what work for my particular situation. I hope they can give you some inspiration to come up with your own side hustles if you need to find some additional income while staying home.

Online Community Management

My main side gig is being the Community Manager for a Catholic dating site. I found this job posting in a Catholic blogger support group on Facebook. I have some passion for online dating because I met Ethan online myself, so this is a great fit.

I spend 5 – 10 hours a week creating polls, sending emails, designing basic pop-up ads, and handling other tasks my boss assigns to me.

My boss and I have a standing phone meeting on Thursdays at 1 which usually takes twenty minutes or less, but otherwise I can work whenever it fits into my day. Sometimes I’ll work for a twenty minute chunk while the girls are up and playing, but in general I do this during nap/quiet time as I eat lunch, or at night while Ethan takes his shower and reads for a bit.

If you think you would enjoy doing similar work, reach out to friends or groups online or in person and ask if they know anyone who runs a website that could use some help on the side. So often it’s not what you know… it’s who you know!


I have hit the jackpot not once, but twice, with in-home babysitting gigs.

Back in Cleveland I found a family from who had the sweetest little boy about Zelie’s age. The mom was an elementary school teacher who worked until 3:30, and the dad was a sports anchor who stayed home with him during the day and then did the news broadcast at night. We babysat on the one day a week they had an overlap where the dad had to be to the station a few hours before she would be home from school.

When we moved to Nebraska I posted in a Facebook group for local Catholic moms and connected with a lovely family who have two little girls almost the same ages as Philomena and Zelie. The mom is a nurse who just takes one shift at the hospital a week. Their dad drops them off at 9:00 and works a shorter day, usually picking them up around 3:30.

It is definitely work to take care of the needs of the children in my charge, but it’s been very doable for me. My girls always have a guaranteed play date with a little friend or two, and the cash really adds up!

Finding a family with the right schedule, needs, and flexibility for your family can take time, but it can be a great way to make money at home with your kids when you find the right fit.


I do not blog with the consistency and skill that making a real online income requires – this is just a fun hobby for me. One day I’d like to take the Elite Blog Academy course and really give it a go, but for now my blog generates a little bit of money via the ads on my page, my Amazon affiliate links, and sidebar ads when I sell them to companies I really endorse. (I haven’t done paid sidebar ads in a long time because I haven’t been writing enough posts to get the traffic sidebar ads deserve). I still make $30 to $40 a month blogging, even though I’m not writing with much consistency at this point.

Selling Things Online

Our family has found we thrive when we own just what we need, so we have gotten rid of over 50% of our possessions in the last few years. (Read all about this experience here.) While I do donate some things, I often sell items in Facebook groups.

I tend to do porch pick ups where I leave an item out and they leave the money in the mailbox. You can always meet in a public place nearby like a grocery store parking lot if you are concerned about safety.

Little $2 to $5 items may not seem like much on their own, but cumulatively it can pay. I tend to make $20 to $50 a month selling online and it helps continually keep the clutter in check.

I am blessed to bring in $800 a month for our family with these side jobs, and none of these things are big sources of stress or disruptive to our lives.

{Do remember for jobs where you aren’t a W-2 employee that you will need to set aside income for taxes. Call or email your CPA and double check what you should be setting aside. In general setting aside 30% is where you want to start, but tax situations drastically vary and so you should look into that in detail and make sure you don’t owe a bunch in April and not be prepared for it!}

Needing Other Ideas?

Here are eight other ideas for you to consider to make extra income:

Virtual Assisting: If you have a knack for social media, marketing, scheduling etc. being a virtual assistant might be a great fit for you. Lydia Senn is one of my favorite debt-free vloggers and she has a lot of info on her Youtube channel about becoming a virtual assistant. She is a homeschooling mom who has done virtual assisting for years. Here is her intro video on the subject.

Refinishing Furniture – I have known more than one mom who snaps up cheap, dated looking pieces of furniture at thrift stores and garage sales, refinishes them, and then resells on Facebook or Craigslist at a profit. People love updated dressers, coffee tables, bookshelves and more (can you say “chalk paint”?), and they’re willing to pay to not have to do the dirty work. I watched my mom refinish many pieces furniture in our home as a kid, and to start all you usually need is a basic sander, your paint or stain, and maybe some new hardware to update the piece.

Gift Wrapping – Every Christmas season I see people in FB groups offering gift wrapping services, and busy people readily take them up on it. This could be an easy side gig to do at night with a glass of wine while the kids are in bed! – Rev is a transcription company you can type for online where you transcribe audio files or caption videos. This one doesn’t pay tons, but if you are a quick typist it can be a good option if you really need something on the side from home now.

VipKid – All you need is a bachelors degree and at least some basic teaching experience (I hear homeschooling or running a club can count!) and you can teach simple, quick English lessons to children in China. Because of the time difference you’re typically working in the early morning with this if you’re in the North America, which would possibly be a good fit if your kids are still asleep.

Fiverr – This is a website where you can sell your services online. If you have a knack for graphic design, voice overs, blog writing, translating, or any other of their 200 categories, you can sell your services online.

Dog Walking – From posting your services on Facebook to websites like Rover, if you enjoy dogs this is something you could possibly do with your kids in tow!

House cleaning – While this likely isn’t a job your kids could do with you, if you have the chance to clean a house on your spouse’s day off it would not take you away too long and it could bring in a few hundred a month. I used to make $75 a week cleaning an elderly lady’s house and I was done in 3 hours or less.

I hope this was helpful to you and that you will share what side-jobs you do in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Side Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

  1. Mariette, great ideas! Babysitting is one thing if been considering for a while but I haven’t found the right fit for our family yet. I have been able to sell quite a bit through Facebook though which is super helpful. I haven’t gotten to the point of being brave enough to try refinishing furniture myself yet but I think it would be pretty fun!


    1. You definitely need the right family for babysitting, I think. I’m glad FB selling has been working for you!

      I am dyyying to get on the furniture refinishing band wagon eventually, but we need to wait until we have a better garage set up for that.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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