Our Home Altar + Inspiration for Your Own


Once Ethan had a surprise waiting for me when I returned home with Philomena from a visit to see my parents.

He had secretly commissioned a friend to build us a custom home altar. It’s simple but perfect for our current stage in life.

We had utilized a bookshelf for this purpose in the past, but Ethan wanted us to have a more dedicated space for prayer and I’m so pleased with the result!


(Be sure to stick around because at the bottom of this post are some beautiful real life photos from readers of their own home altar areas).

Now of course this isn’t an actual consecrated altar like in a church – its simply a space to gather in front of for prayer, like our morning prayer after breakfast or family Rosary in the evenings. (You can read more about our prayer routine here).

We hang our Sacred and Immaculate Heart images above it, as well as the crucifix we held as we said our vows at our nuptial Mass.


Our small apartments over the years have warranted different homes for the altar, but in our current home we are able to keep it front and center in the living room.

Also on our altar are statues and images or our family’s patrons and favorite saints.


I keep meaning to look into something pretty to embellish our little prayer space with. Below are some ideas from Amazon that I liked.

This is a more affordable option:

Find this simple lace table runner here

And if you could spend a little more, I loved this:

This actual altar front piece can be found here

Console tables are a great option to create a space like this in your home. I really liked these two on Amazon, but you could be creative with furniture you already have, or checking out a thrift or antique store for options that would fit in your home.

You can find this table here

A more budget friendly option is this one here:

You can find this table here

Real Life Inspiration

Some friends from Instagram were so kind as to share their prayer spaces in their home. I hope their set-ups inspire you to create something similar in your own home to help you remember God and His saints, to compel you to pray more, and to give you a beautiful area to help lift your mind and heart to Him in prayer.

How stunning is this one from Ginnie at @simpledaysmatter
I love the crucifix and St. Joseph here from @clarelizabeth413
This lovely shelf set up is from Michelle at @Michellesolomonart
Sara is one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram and I love her setup! – @tendingsnowdrops
IMG_5431 (1).jpg
Frannie from @liturgical_year_revolution is making the most of her workspace!
How lovely is this simple setup from @crunchymamaanna

I hope this post has given you some inspiration. God bless you!

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