A Day in the Life (3rd Trimester Weekday)

It’s been years since I did a day in the life post on here, even though its something always requested when I ask for blog post ideas over on my Instagram. I decided to finally remember to take pictures throughout a day. This day was during my 37th week of pregnancy with this baby, alongside my 7, 5, and almost 2 year old daughters.

6 AM

Our youngest always comes into our room right around 5:55 or so. I always pray my morning offering right when she comes in to snuggle a moment. I got up with her and got her a little bowl of organic cereal and raw milk to eat, since we went to Holy Mass for Michaelmas this day, and we wouldn’t be having breakfast until later.

The big girls are pretty good about getting themselves ready for the day. I got myself and Felicity ready, and made sure everyone was good to go for Mass. Ethan works from home and starts at 7 am. If we don’t go to Mass, we all have breakfast together at 6:40, but since the girls and I were going today, I got his breakfast and coffee ready for him to have on his own.

6:55 AM

We got to Mass a few minutes before the bell rang. Felicity had a hard time after a really good stretch of being able to make it the whole Mass in the pew, so the big girls sat on their own for quite a lot of Mass while I was with Felicity in the back vestibule where she could be louder.

8:10 AM

We got home and had breakfast. It was leftover sausage, raw sauerkraut, and Farmhouse on Boone blueberry sourdough muffins we had also had the day before. I always make sure to have enough for the next morning if we are going to Mass, because we’re always quite hungry eating so much later on a daily Mass day than we would on a day we eat with Ethan.

8:30 AM

After we ate the girls went off to play and burn off some energy post-Mass. We usually take a walk in the mornings but today they were excited to go play some make believe game so we skipped and I sat on my birth ball and finished coffee while I worked a little for my side job. I work some for a Catholic company online and can set my hours completely, which is a great blessing!


The living room was a bit of a mess, so I called the girls up to help me do a 5 minute tidy of everything before we prayed and started school.

9:05 AM

With the living room now tidied, we started school. We have a classroom table set up in our downstairs where we work most of the time, but I am really tired and super pregnant right now, so we have found ourselves working up in the living room a little more where I can be more comfortable on my birth ball or the couch, and more easily keep up with Felicity who favors being upstairs.

9:45 AM

After 45 minutes of work, the big girls had finished their poetry recitation, catechism review, math, and geography. They went off to play and I put Felicity down for her nap. She and I lay together in bed with some chant or Bach cello suits playing, and she falls asleep quickly. I take the opportunity to rest there with her and do some mental prayer, and then a little more computer work for my side job.

10:15 AM

At 10:15 I went and picked a tomato from the garden to add to our lunch, and got lunch prepped. Ethan working on Central time means we have lunch at 11, not Noon.

Today’s lunch was a sandwich on my homemade, long-fermented sourdough bread with homemade pesto sauce with basil from our garden, home grown tomatoes, leftover organic chicken thighs, and pepper jack cheese. I got them prepped so I could toast them in my cast iron skillet right before Ethan comes up

10:45 AM

I called the big girls up from their art project they were working on to help in the kitchen as we got ready for lunch.

They unloaded the dishwasher for me while I toasted the sandwiches and brewed more of my NORA pregnancy tea.

11 AM

Ethan came up right at 11, we ate lunch, and then we went into the back yard and enjoyed the lovely fall air as the girls played.

12 PM

At Noon Ethan went back to work, and I needed to lay down and rest a bit. I laid in bed and did some work for my side job, while the girls all went down to color some coloring pages. (Felicity came up and down a few times to show me her pages.)

12:45 PM

Felicity came up from coloring and hung out with me in the kitchen while I packed our lunches for homeschool co-op the following day, and got chicken thighs cooking that needed to be baked into our casserole for dinner.

1:20 PM

I went downstairs and saw that Felicity had been busy distributing markers and saint cards evenly over the floor while they were down there coloring, so she and I worked on cleaning that up.

1:40 PM

Zelie really wanted to play Hi Ho Cherry-O with me. Felicity sat with us and played with the two trees we weren’t using, then we moved on to finish school.

1:50 PM

I did pelvic rocks and circles on the birth ball while the girls and I finished school in the living room. We did phonics, music, art, and any other loose ends for the day.

2:50 PM

We had our read aloud time which right now consists of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid, but first we read a little on Saint Michael for the feast day.

3:30 PM

Zelie wanted to play another board game – this time it was Noah’s Animal Rescue. Philomena played with us, and Felicity sat next to me and played with our discard pile. This is a really fun game my girls love, and it is unique in that you are working as a team to save as many animals as possible, as opposed to competing against each other.

After playing I went and laid down for a few minutes on the couch, and then finished assembling dinner.

4:30 PM

At 4:30 my midwife came over and we had my 37 week prenatal. Ethan and the girls hung around for measuring my belly, her doing the leopold maneuvers etc. and then Ethan took the girls out on an adventure on a pretty walking path while she and I had a good long chat and went through my mega tote of birth supplies. She likes to just make sure everything on the list is checked off and to look at the room we are planning on birthing in just to feel prepared and to know where she will set things up at.

After she left I still had another 45 minutes or so until Ethan came home with the girls from their walk, so I laid down and rested and did more side job work.

6 PM – Bed

Here I left off and didn’t take any more pictures for the night. We ate dinner at 6 and the girls got ready for bed. We snuggled down and prayed the Rosary at 6:50 or so. Felicity fell asleep during it and we moved her to her bed, then we tucked in the big girls. Finally, we tidied the kitchen a bit for the next day, I got some steel cut oats soaking in water and apple cider vinegar so they would be properly soaked and ready for rinsing and cooking the next morning, and we got ourselves ready for bed.

Ethan and I try to be in bed at 7:30 or 8. That doesn’t mean sleeping – we may have computer work to do, watch or listen to something, chat about the day, pray etc. but we are usually so tired we are physically in bed by then. I can’t keep my eyes open much past 9 or 9:30 PM these days, and Ethan usually is asleep by 10.

This was a very full day, but a good one, and I hope you enjoyed following along.

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