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My Best Catholic Match Tips

+J.M.J.+ I personally know at least 15 couples who met their spouse online. Ethan and I's marriage, our children, our home... it all began with an email through Catholic Match. (You can read our whole story here) Because I've been so open about us meeting online, I have been messaged lots of questions or prayer… Continue reading My Best Catholic Match Tips

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Our Favorite Advent Resources

+J.M.J.+ Advent is going to be here in no time, and this year I'm proud to say I'm actually on top of preparations for once. And remember, there's still time for you to put together things if you want to do any of these traditions to help prepare your family's hearts for Jesus's birth! Also,… Continue reading Our Favorite Advent Resources

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Our Easy Night-Weaning Story

+J.M.J.+ Zelie is almost 15 months, and as of last week, she is night weaned! I put the call out on Instagram to see if anyone wanted to know anything specific about our process so I'll explain how we night-wean as I answer your great questions. How Did You Know It Was Time? We do… Continue reading Our Easy Night-Weaning Story

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My Cloth Diaper Stash

+J.M.J.+ I'm back from my cloth diapering FAQ post earlier this week  to answer all of the questions asked specifically about our diaper stash itself... you know: what brand I use, how many I have, how I store them, what accessories we use, and that big decision: snaps or velcro closures! Let's jump in! Disclosure:… Continue reading My Cloth Diaper Stash

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Cloth Diaper FAQ’s

+J.M.J.+ I put the call out on social media for any cloth diapering questions and quite a few rolled in. I'm going to jump right in and answer them, consolidating any really similar queries. A few of you wanted to know more about our diapers themselves and which accessories I recommend. I'm going write about… Continue reading Cloth Diaper FAQ’s

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Toddler Capsule Wardrobe

+J.M.J.+ We were graciously given lots of hand-me-down clothes from friends when we had Philomena. I needed to buy a few items here and there to fill in the gaps, but overall for the last three years she has been able to wear the clothes we were so generously gifted. Size 4 has approached though,… Continue reading Toddler Capsule Wardrobe

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How I Shop Kid’s Resale Events

+J.M.J.+ Thrift stores, consignment shops, the Facebook marketplace, and sometimes garage sales are all wonderful spots to get clothes, baby gear, and kid's shoes at deep discounts. But when I was pregnant with Philomena a friend from church introduced me to the magic that is children's resale/consignment events. I had never heard of these before,… Continue reading How I Shop Kid’s Resale Events

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My Little Kids Don’t Use Screens. Ever. Here’s Why.

+J.M.J.+ In this world of Baby Einsteins and Netflix for Kids, Philomena and Zelie have never watched a t.v. show or movie before. They've never played with an interactive book or game on a tablet. They don't know children's digital entertainment exists, and while screens could definitely occupy them during the day, not letting the… Continue reading My Little Kids Don’t Use Screens. Ever. Here’s Why.

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One Year Anniversary! {Plus My Top 10}

+J.M.J.+ Today marks one year of blogging, and I'm quite shocked this anniversary is already here. This little venture is literally the result of a lady in a group I admin on Facebook asking if I had a blog. Ethan had mentioned before that he thought I should try writing one, and so I ran… Continue reading One Year Anniversary! {Plus My Top 10}

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We Did It! Our Whole30 with a Toddler

+J.M.J.+ I can't believe it, but we did it! We did the Whole30! I went into a full explanation in this post here, but in case you're new to this, the Whole30 is a 30 day elimination of the most common inflammatory foods from your diet and then slowly adding them back in one at… Continue reading We Did It! Our Whole30 with a Toddler