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This Embarrasses Me {But It Is Authentic}

+J.M.J.+ Want to see something I love? It's this. It's such a pretty memory - my handsome groom and I surrounded my friends, in a lovely hotel, enjoying a toast during our reception. I've always thought this photo is so classy and elegant. It was a beautiful reality! You want to see something the embarrasses… Continue reading This Embarrasses Me {But It Is Authentic}

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We Saved Our First Kiss

+J.M.J.+ One of the most memorable, spectacular, and beautiful moments of my life was sharing my first kiss with Ethan. I'll never forget it. It was on our wedding day. Not kissing until a couple is married is quite common amongst fundamentalist Christians. There is a whole genre of books aimed at Christian teens that… Continue reading We Saved Our First Kiss

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Dear First-Time Mom: It’s Okay To Plan

+J.M.J.+ Dear First-Time Mom: Whenever you have gone on a trip in the past I'm sure you researched your destination and thought ahead. Sure, not everything happened as you expected. Planes were delayed, a tourist attraction closed, a fun destination worth spending more time at bumped another item off your agenda... all kinds of things… Continue reading Dear First-Time Mom: It’s Okay To Plan

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My Favorite Movie – {I Bet You Haven’t Seen It}

+J.M.J.+ The other night Ethan asked me to find something on VidAngel to watch as a weekend treat, and nothing was jumping out at me. Then it suddenly dawned on me that I have never before shared with him my favorite movie; I Am David. This was a wonderful film released in 2003, based on a… Continue reading My Favorite Movie – {I Bet You Haven’t Seen It}

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Telling My Toddler the Truth

+J.M.J.+ Saying "no" to a toddler doesn't always go over so well. Sometimes there is a meltdown or tantrum; crying and ear-piercing expressions of displeasure. It is *really* uncomfortable to deal with a child flailing around who is mad about the bad news you delivered about leaving the library or not being able to have… Continue reading Telling My Toddler the Truth

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Was I Supposed to be a Nun? – My Vocation Story

+J.M.J.+ I am very happily married, but just a few short years ago I was in turmoil. I was wrestling with what God’s will for me was. Out of the blue, at 21 years old, I felt like I might be called to religious life. I Only Wanted Marriage Anyone who knows me knows that… Continue reading Was I Supposed to be a Nun? – My Vocation Story

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Our Love Story – A Catholic Match Connection

+J.M.J.+ I met the love of my life in person on July 19, 2013 at 1:00 p.m. and exactly one year later on July 19th, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. I walked down the aisle to become his wife. This is the start of Ethan and I's love story. You Have A Message From Ethan In… Continue reading Our Love Story – A Catholic Match Connection