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The House Is Organized + How I Am Maintaining It

+J.M.J.+ I used to be obsessed with decluttering and organization Youtube videos, and a couple years ago had our house down to a really manageable level of organization - everything we owned had a home. Cliche as it sounds, a place for everything and everything in its place is actually a big part of keeping… Continue reading The House Is Organized + How I Am Maintaining It

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Easy and Budget-Friendly Birthday Party {Zelie Turns One!}

+J.M.J.+ Zelie Maria is one today! We had a simple little party for her at the park yesterday with some church friends. I made the cupcakes on Saturday using the chocolate cake recipe from 100 Days of Real Food, found here. (I used all white whole wheat flour and a little extra cocoa powder. They… Continue reading Easy and Budget-Friendly Birthday Party {Zelie Turns One!}

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Advice For Single Catholics

+J.M.J+ As I look back on Ethan and I's relationship as I often do this time of year near our anniversary, it has struck my heart that I would like to share some advice to single people looking for their future spouse. Always Be Discerning First of all, make sure you have discerned your vocation.… Continue reading Advice For Single Catholics

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I Missed My Chance

+J.M.J.+ A few weeks ago my husband's small private school held their high school graduation at a fancy event center. I was all dressed up, Philomena was home with our babysitter, and Zelie who was with us was all ready to nurse down in the carrier for her evening nap when we arrived. Everything was… Continue reading I Missed My Chance

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Weaned at 3 – A Look at Our Nursing Journey

+J.M.J.+ Philomena turned 3 this past week, and just a few days before that, she weaned. It's been sad knowing she is done, and like I figured would happen when I was musing about nursing my toddler in a wean by one world here, I can't remember our last nursing session, because I didn't know… Continue reading Weaned at 3 – A Look at Our Nursing Journey

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Future Plans + A Wedding

+J.M.J.+ It's been quiet around here lately because we are traveling in Montana and I needed to take a break. May was the busiest month of our life thus far and getting posts written ahead didn't happen. It's been good for my humility to remember the sun certainly doesn't rise and set on my writing,… Continue reading Future Plans + A Wedding

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When Did Everything but Happy Become Off-Limits?

+J.M.J.+ Last week I read an article that Janet Lansbury shared called, "The Tyranny of Relentless Positivity" (Read it here). It piqued my interest and reminded me of the importance of not avoiding what is hard to feel. Difficult emotions make people uncomfortable, both those experiencing them or those around them. That's why they are… Continue reading When Did Everything but Happy Become Off-Limits?

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My Husband Saw I Needed Help

+J.M.J.+ A great quote by a priest I used to know was, "A good husband gives his wife what is good for her, not just what she thinks will make her happy." Ethan is one of those good husbands who recently insisted on something he knew would be best for me, even though I didn't… Continue reading My Husband Saw I Needed Help

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I Got Rid Of Most Of Our Toys {And What I Set Up Instead}

+J.M.J.+ Want to know what my kids play with? Not the millions of toys around here. That's a bit of an exaggeration, but seriously, my daughters spend about 99% of their time reading books and playing with random things from around the house. Recently Philomena spent an entire week in this pantry organizer and was… Continue reading I Got Rid Of Most Of Our Toys {And What I Set Up Instead}