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Future Plans + A Wedding

+J.M.J.+ It's been quiet around here lately because we are traveling in Montana and I needed to take a break. May was the busiest month of our life thus far and getting posts written ahead didn't happen. It's been good for my humility to remember the sun certainly doesn't rise and set on my writing,… Continue reading Future Plans + A Wedding

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To Grandmother’s House We {Comfortably} Go

+J.M.J.+ So this isn't a Catholic or natural topic like I usually write about, but I am so excited about a recent find for our upcoming Christmas travels, that I wanted to share a little comparison and review with you. If you are flying or driving any considerable distance, this could be helpful! Disclosure: We… Continue reading To Grandmother’s House We {Comfortably} Go

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There Is A Lasagna In My Suitcase – Its Not About The Turkey

+J.M.J.+ No really, there is a deep-frozen homemade lasagna going in my suitcase this week. See, we spend Thanksgiving with Ethan's family down South, and since he doesn't get off work until Wednesday that week, we can't be much help for my sister-in-law preparing the big meal. Last year she made a huge spread and… Continue reading There Is A Lasagna In My Suitcase – Its Not About The Turkey

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Natural Finds on Vacation

+J.M.J.+ Wanna know how to get lots of stares in an airport? Look like a kangaroo with a joey in your pouch, holding the leash to a brightly colored owl backpack worn by a super active toddler. Now that we have that covered... I took the opportunity to check out a few places of interest… Continue reading Natural Finds on Vacation

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Prep for Trip with Toddler and Baby

+J.M.J.+ I am flying to Montana with Philomena and Zelie this week to visit my parents. I have traveled a lot by myself with Philomena. (She has been on over 30 airplanes so far and she is just 2!) This, however, will be my first solo trip with both girls. (Ethan has to stay home… Continue reading Prep for Trip with Toddler and Baby