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Nourishing Traditions thoroughly explores how foods were prepared by traditional cultures, how modern processed food negatively affects us, and includes hundreds of recipes. If you have heard health buzzwords like “sprouted,” “soaked,” “fermented,” and “bone broth” and wondered what it is all about, this book will completely fill you in! You can purchase Nourishing Traditions here.


100 Days of Real Food is a great blog about the Leake family’s real food journey which began with a commitment to only eat real food for 100 solid days. Lisa’s recipes are easy, flavorful, and her two cookbooks are used in our home every single week. You can purchase the first cookbook here, and her second cookbook here.



Mama Natural is run by the lovely Genevieve Howland and her blog contains great information on nutrition and has many recipes. She also has a super fun to watch Youtube Channel with a whole playlist of recipe videos. I particularly love this short video of 5 Immutable Truths of Diet and Nutrition. It’s a great place to start on her channel!

Vani Hari is The Food Babe and her blog and Instagram are exposing what is in so much of the food on our shelves and in restaurants, fantastic alternative recipes, and the chance to make your voice heard in her petitions which have successfully influenced ingredient changes in tons of major food corporations.

The Real Milk Finder helps you locate raw milk sources across the country.

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