Instant T.V. and Movie Editing – Why We Use Vidangel


Vidangel is not the latest news, yet I know there are still a lot of people who haven’t heard of it or used it before.

This is an awesome streaming service that allows you to filter out any content you find objectionable in one of their available t.v. shows or movies. This includes everything from sex, nudity, and crass language to blasphemy, violence, and gore. As you watch your filtered show it will seamlessly mute or skip over what you have designated before you begin, easy as that!


This is so nice from both a practical and spiritual point of view.

Practically… I don’t want to watch certain really violent or gory scenes in a movie, for instance. I can read through rough descriptions and select which instances of violence I really don’t want to see. If you don’t want your pre-teen seeing something too scary in a movie, click the filter button and they’ll never see it.

Spiritually, I want to make sure that what I view for entertainment isn’t offensive to Our Lord. My fun shouldn’t include His Holy Name being taken in vain, impure jokes, or swearing, for example.  VidAngel lets me seamlessly edit out what would be hurtful to the most Sacred Heart and leave the rest behind.

What’s Available?

So there is quite a lot of media available to filter through Vidangel. First, they have some of their own original t.v. shows and documentaries now, as well as a bunch of cleaner stand up comedy features they have produced.


Then you will find a myriad of famous movies and t.v. shows available for filtering, in every genre you can imagine. Ethan and I have loved watching through old episodes of the Office without the language and crass jokes, and I know the first season of Downton had a bunch to edit out which we were grateful to have the ability to do.

There used to be more up for streaming, but Disney and a few other studios are suing Vidangel for their editing services. They would rather families be subjected to what is offensive all for the sake of director’s “art”….or so they say.

So for now anything by Disney or the other studios suing them are not available for viewing.

Do I Need Equipment?

No, although it can be watched on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and several other sources, it works just fine on your phone or laptop. You only need to pay their $9.99/mo fee for unlimited VidAngel editing. Outside of the shows and comedy hours they produce themselves, everything else comes from Netflix, Amazon, or HBO streaming. You connect your accounts from those services and can watch from there.


You can also buy discounted gift cards for VidAngel to give the gift of filtering to others!

Ebb and Flow

Ethan and I go through ebbs and flows where we watch quite a few shows and movies, and then we go a few months without watching any. You can stop your membership no problem if you are taking a break from using it, and simply restart it again when you want to start watching.

They have a free 30 day trial on their website if you’re interested.

Have you given Vidangel a try before?

(Note: I am NOT sponsored by Vidangel, just a fan sharing a resource I love!)

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